The Estate

The Portman Burtley Estate is owned by the Trustees of The Portman Estate and benefits the Portman family including the 10th Viscount Portman. The Trustees are landowners in Central London, Buckinghamshire and Herefordshire.

The Portman Burtley Estate, located between Hedgerley, Farnham Common and Beaconsfield, was bought by the 8th Viscount Portman in 1948 and has remained as an agriculturally based Estate since then. The Estate continues to benefit the Portman family. In recent years the farm has been diversified and former farm buildings have been let as commercial units. Cottages that are no longer needed to house Estate employees have been let on the open market.

The reorganisation of the farm has resulted in a number of farm buildings becoming redundant. Some of these buildings have been let to businesses as workshops or for storage and provide additional income to the Estate to be reinvested in improvements, conversion of buildings into houses and state-of-the-art offices. This can be seen in buildings at Pennlands Farm and Hillmotts Farm.